Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About Bilingual Butter

As a young girl growing up in Illinois with a French maman, I was always surrounded by a variety of culinary influences. The women on both sides of my family, French and American, are true supercooks: my American grandmother was the queen of "sticky buns" and other breakfast delicacies, while my mother has always left me under the impression that she can master anything. French cooking, obviously, but also a delicious gumbo or Thai salad...anything, really.

Now that I'm 21 and living on my own in Paris, things are getting a little more complicated. Cooking as well as my family probably won't ever happen, but I'm trying. And this blog is exactly about that: experimenting and discovering that the culinary obsession hasn't skipped a generation...

So welcome to Bilingual Butter, a place where I'll try to share my favorite food spots in Paris and my successful--and not so successful--cuisine adventures. Enjoy!
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