Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Return of the Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie...

It's back!

I was really mad at myself for making hard-as-rock cookies when the recipe's reviews were so incredible. SO I decided to start over, hoping I would have greater luck.

As it turned out, spending too much time on the phone wasn't actually the reason for my terrible tough cookies: my poor recipe-reading skills are the ones to blame.

A while ago, I was reading an article about how important it is to read the little word after the comma when an ingredient is listed, for example: flour, sifted.

Or butter, melted.

At the time, I remember thinking "Who would actually forget to read a word?". Well, I sure did. Anyway, I forgot to melt the butter. This time around, I did, and it sure changed pretty much everything.

The reviewers on the site rave about "the chewiest cookies", "just like the delicious store-bought ones"... These are even better! They were large--it's pretty difficult to make them small because the melted butter makes the batter quite liquid--and definitely chewy.

I could finally bring my cookies to work; but since we know cookies have a mind of their own, they really wanted to stick around the apartment. Wait, did I say apartment? 

I meant my stomach.
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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

:D Mmm they look YUMMY! I <33 chewy cookies!