Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Isn't Really Over, Right?

Have you chosen your new backpack yet? Filled it up with brand new notebooks--hey, they have sparkly pink ones this year!--and pens, not to mention awesome Hello Kitty name labels for each and every one of your precious belongings?

I think I forgot my Elmer's glue. Or maybe I got the wrong one.

Can I just pretend for another few minutes that I'm getting ready for school to start again? That might justify my buying a whole new wardrobe. You know how important that first day of school is, when you see your friends after a whole two and a half months and realize nobody has really changed all that much, except maybe that girl who kissed an actual boy at camp.

Alright. The truth is I've been at work, I'm no longer twelve years old, and I haven't been doing all that much baking. Mostly eating, to tell the truth, and I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Tuscany in there. Now that it's la rentrée, it's time to get down to business--so I'm back, and here is a tiny preview of things to come. See you soon!

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Eleni said...

i can't wait to see all the recipes! :)

claudia said...

looking forward to reading your posts, missed them!

Reeni said...

Welcome back! I missed your scrumptious posts!

grace said...

oh, how i miss those days of shopping for new notebooks and pencils and clothes. i would not, however, go all the way back and do it again. perhaps i'd start again at college, but not elementary school. :)